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If you need certainty about unclear facts, our private detectives in Cologne Germany will help you. Professionals investigate for private clients, lawyers and companies. You can rely on the comprehensive know-how of decades of experience of our private investigators.

Private Investigator Cologne

Tips for Hiring a Cologne Private Detective

  • Reputation – Does your private detective in Cologne has a history of satisfied customers and outstanding service? Check here our ratings at PROVEN EXPERT
  • Experience – Is your Cologne Private Investigator backed by decades of practical experience?
  • Confidentiality – Has your private investigator in Cologne a transparent privacy policy?

Our private detective agency meets all the requirements to be able to investigate discreetly for you as well.

Private Investigator Services in Cologne

  1. Marital Investigations
  2. Domestic Investigations
  3. Business Investigations
  4. Eavesdropping Defence

1. Marital Investigations in Cologne

Many cases in the private sector deal with spousal surveillance. How Do I Know If My Spouse is cheating on me? If you want to find out whether your spouse is cheating on you hire a private eye for a cheating spouse investigation.

Provided that it is proven that cheating has occurred, the client has certainty. If it turns out that the suspicion was wrong, no one finds out about the surveillance. Thus, clarity has been provided and the person concerned can finally lead a life without any nagging doubts. By the way, we offer cheating spouse and infidelity investigations all over Germany.

2. Domestic Investigations in Cologne

Skip Tracing in Cologne Germany

The service of searching for people in Germany is asked for very often and belongs therefore to our core tasks. Unlike the search through channels like the “Bügerbüro” (Resident Registration Office) the search for a new address in Germany from our specialists is always a nationwide search and not limited to just one city.

The chances for a successful search depend on the information that you have from the person you are looking for. Luckily our specialists do not need much information. The correct name and the date of birth or an old address are almost always a guarantee for a successful investigation in Germany.

Our services regarding to finding people and missing persons are not limited to Cologne and the surrounding area or Germany. For more information just read the following article: How do I find someone internationally?

Online Scam Investigator in Cologne

Get help uncovering the truth about online scammers and fake social media accounts. For example:

3. Business investigations in Cologne

In the city of Cologne you can find about 150,000 companies. According to the Cologne Chamber of Commerce and Industry, more than 13% of all employees of North Rhine-Westphalia work in the Cologne economic region. More than 80% of the employees work in the service industry.

Due to the enormous economic strength of the town and the large number of companies of all sizes, it is not surprising that detectives are often hired by firms. These investigators are also called business detectives. Economy related services that our detective agency provides include:

4. Eavesdropping Defence – Bug Sweeps in Cologne

With our state-of-the-art debugging technology, our experts perform bug sweeps in the most efficient way possible. We can check your office, home or car and find any bugs, hidden cameras and trackers.

You can expect that our team of technicians have extensive expertise in the field of protection against eavesdropping.

Are Private Investigators licensed in Germany?

You will not find licensed investigators in Germany because there is no such license for detective agencies in this country. It is a free trade that you can perform after a business registration.

Therefore, when choosing the detective agency you trust, pay attention to other criteria to make sure that you have found a company that meets high quality criteria.

Our detective agency is a verified member of the World Association of Detectives through its managing director. This is a very high quality criterion.

By the way, 3 generations of private investigators are united in our company – all of them are verified members of WAD. As far as we know, we are the only private detective agency in Germany to which this applies.

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