Corporate Fraud Germany

Our Detectives are working in and around Germany, covering Berlin, Munich, Hamburg, Cologne, Frankfurt and all other German towns.

In the current economic climate, fraud against the private sector is increasing.

Corporate Fraud in Germany - Our private investigators help.
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With companies facing the reality of lower profits, it is more important than ever that they take more responsibility themselves by conducting thorough and compliant investigations to protect their assets and revenues from both internal and external fraud.

Fraud is a common risk that should not be ignored. It is now so common that its occurrence is no longer remarkable, only its scale. It is estimated that some companies will lose between 2% and 7% of their turnover as a result of dishonesty by employees, suppliers and customers.

All companies will find that they are vulnerable to fraud. It is therefore imperative that you safeguard your company’s assets by having a proactive approach to significantly limit your liability and loss.

In today’s globally competitive environment, no one can afford to throw away the revenues that represent the largely hidden cost of fraud.

Those businesses that have identified their most significant fraud costs have made great strides in attacking and reducing those costs. If your organisation is not identifying and tackling its fraud costs, it is vulnerable to competitors who lower their costs by doing so.

We at JMMPI Investigations can help to minimise your loss by conducting a Fraud Prevention Check. Once this has been completed and a loss or fraud has been identified we are able to:

  • Investigate how the fraud occurred
  • Quantify the loss
  • Use the latest methods of analysis to identify fraudsters
  • Liaise with police to assist in the prosecution of the fraudsters
  • Liaise with lawyers to assist in the recovery of assets

If you would like further information about Fraud Prevention please contact us and one of our team will be happy to help.