Employee & key executive screening in Germany

An experienced private investigator in Germany understands that it is generally accepted that a significant number of potential candidates for vacancies will either exaggerate their experience, or omit vital information that could influence an employer’s decision to hire.

A small number of applicants may even fabricate large portions of their history to hide important facts.

Employee & key executive screening in Germany by experienced investigators.
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This problem is considerably more serious when you are considering a key executive for a role, from middle management upwards.

For nearly two decades, we have provided our clients with employee and key executive screening solutions, whether you are considering hiring one candidate, or hundreds.

Our clients include major companies, financial institutions and a number of small or medium enterprises.

There are differing levels of screening available to clients, that differ according to legal requirements and overall needs.

Is this approach ethical?

All of our screening protocols are covered under existing legislation and are compliant.

Let us assist in removing the risk from your recruitment process, in an ethical and unobtrusive manner.

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