US soldier scam

Military Fraudsters – Military Scam as Love Fraud

A real case study from the files of a Private Investigator

The story of the US Army soldier in Afghanistan and the sick mother at home – a real account of Constanze’s experiences. In this scam, the swindler pretends to be a US soldier.

US soldier scam

My name is Constanze and I met my scammer on Facebook. I didn’t know anything about military scam until then. The man asked for friendship and so it all started.

He looked good and called himself Bradley Brunson and was supposedly stationed as captain of the US Army in Kabul Afghanistan. We exchanged messages on Facebook for a few days and then on Yahoo Messenger.

The sick mother at home must be supported

I got beautiful loving emails every day and we chatted several hours a day. This always happened between his patrols! He was always there for me and soon let me know that he loved me and that I was his queen. And honestly, I was blown away by the fine words.

He told me that his mother lives in Philadelphia and she is ill and needs medication and he could not send money because he would not get his pay until after his service. I started to send money every month, sometimes 100 €, sometimes 300 € and wrote diligently with his alleged mother by e-mail as well.

All this time, he sent me many pictures of himself, of his mother, of the war in Afghanistan and I had no doubt that something could not be right. I even got two pictures from the fight with a killed soldier named John Smith, his friend. He said these are secret photos, and I mustn’t show them to anyone. I believed everything he said!

Prayers for the fallen comrade

We prayed together for his friend and his surviving family. I was concerned about my captain, I was afraid for him, I read all about Kabul, his work. He always said: he was safe for me and just wanted to come home to me and start a new life.

We made plans for the future and I thought I had found my “man for life”. When my reserves of money ran out and I could send nothing more, he was very sad and so very worried about his mother. She had suffered a breakdown and would have to have surgery and he did not know what to do. He asked me to try to see if “we” could get a loan.

I sent money with Western Union and Moneygram

I tried everything, but it was not easy, finally I found investors through Auxmoney who granted me a loan of 4000 €. Of course luck was great with my captain and he loved me even more, wanted to marry immediately when he came back from Kabul and gave me my money back.

I transferred the money with Western Union and when they refused to continue sending my money, he immediately figured out another solution. Money Gram!

So in the course of time he received about 6000 – 7000 € from me. And it would certainly have gone on like this if I hadn’t met a friend on Facebook – Sabine – who also had a “man” in Kabul. Robert! We wrote to each other often and shared our concerns about our “men“.

That went on until one day everything was over for Sabine, because her Robert turned out to be a fraud, he was a scammer. Private Detectives had found that out. We searched out everything about military scammers or military scam and only then did I understand what was being played here.

The military scammer is exposed as a fraud

I finally found Robert’s email address, confirming that he was a scammer, and I looked for my Brad’s email address, but found nothing. I was so relieved and hoped he was real. But once there is a little doubt, then you look everywhere.

We searched through all sorts of pages for scammers and I found the picture of Bradley Brunson. But his name wasn’t Brad, it was Paul Krumenacker, a captain of the United States Navy.

My heart stopped and my head was full of a thousand thoughts, but actually only ruled by one thing: it’s over, it’s over, all lies! He was nothing but a cheap and heartless romance scammer. I asked Bradley where the pictures came from and he replied that they were his pictures and that he was on a secret mission.

I faked understanding and continued to look for his e-mail address on the net. At some point I remembered that I had a different address from him at the beginning and continued my search. Success at the first click. I can’t describe the feeling that was inside me, or even more, is still there.

Advice on contact with alleged US soldiers

If you are in contact with an alleged US soldier, you should pay attention to which e-mail address the soldier writes via. Every member automatically has an e-mail address ending in”.mil”. This ending is reserved for members of the military.

Should the alleged soldier use free e-mail services such as Yahoo, MSN, Gmail and so on, you should be very careful. Insist on writing at least once via the”.mil” address. It can’t be forged by scammers.

If the alleged soldier says he has no “.mil” address, then he is not a soldier, but a fraud. If he says that the address is classified, it can theoretically be. But in the few cases where this is the case, the person will always have an e-mail address that is not classified.

Soldiers on foreign missions are only paid one ticket to their home country, not another country. Soldiers take a month off a year and then get their home ticket. You can apply for your holiday beforehand using the form DA Form 31. All other “forms” are crude forgeries.

If someone writes that he’s on a secret mission, I’m sure that’s a lie. If he were really on a secret mission, then he would not be allowed to write it under any circumstances. So it must be a lie.

A real soldier does not need:

  • Money shipped by Western Union or MoneyGram
  • Permission from a “fiancé” to go on leave or retire
  • An agent to ship a box
  • Anyone to pay for medical expenses for themselves or their family
  • Money for food
  • A satellite phone
  • A permission to call
  • Anyone to pay for a plane ticket to go on leave
  • Access to your bank account
  • A copy of your ID

Do you need evidence?

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