Insurance Fraud Investigations

As an insurer, you seek to control your risks and contain your losses while providing your insureds with coverage.

But taking a risk shouldn’t mean being taken for a ride and accepting a loss shouldn’t mean losing your shirt. A+ Detectives can provide the facts and documentation you need to keep that from happening.


Investigating theft claims doesn’t just involve determining who is the responsible party and locating the stolen goods. We are able to investigate fraudulent claims and have discovered whether multiple claims have been made to different insurers for the same “stolen” item. Scene investigation, surveillance, canvassing neighbourhoods, and interviewing informants has given us results that save insurers thousands of dollars in fraudulent theft claims and may result in recovering the missing items.

Worker’s Compensation / Personal Injury

Plainly stated, investigation into injury claims has saved insurers millions of euros or dollars.

In approximately ninety percent of the cases we receive, we can quickly determine whether a claim warrants further investigation. If it does, we can provide you with hard evidence in the form of videotapes, photographs, and surveillance reports. Nationally, we can also track down illegally employed lost-wage benefits recipients and document their activity.

Health Insurance Fraud Investigation

Health Insurance Fraud Investigation - illness or health?In cases of fraud regarding sickness daily allowance, we can help to find out the truth. Did you know: Sick benefits: 75% are faking (source Express UK). Our solution: Surveillance to verify the claim. This investigation tries to determine whether someone is getting paid for health care without being sick or is filing health care claims and requests that are not valid or needed.


In cases of fire, you, as an insurer, need fast and accurate information to process the claim promptly. Our partners can assess the nature of the fire and the type and severity of the damage to the structure and its contents. We can help you determine the cause of the fire.

A Private Investigator Can Help

Practical experience in handling insurance investigations, a thorough understanding of complex coverage issues and a complete mastery of sophisticated investigative techniques allows us to cater our investigations on a case by case basis. We can give you the information you need to adjust the claim fairly, and help keep you from having to pay unfair claims.