Business Investigations

A+ Detectives can help you minimize the risks you take by finding out what you need to know before you hire, or contract to buy or sell in Germany.


PRE-HIRING BACKGROUND INQUIRIESIt only takes one light-fingered or inadequate employee to cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Or what about the potential loss of income from an employee who leaves, taking important clients with him?

If you had known he had a record of such moves, would you have hired him? Because of the information explosion in the business world, more employees have access to information that could cause damage to your business if that information fell into the hands of your competition.

Before you hire key personnel, or take on new partners or associates, a background investigation can keep you from having problems like these. Additionally, credit checks can reveal unscrupulous or unethical connections that you may not choose to have associated with your business.


What happens if a client begins to place large orders, but also begins to delay payment? What if your only supplier of a certain key item suddenly can’t deliver a shipment? What if it happens again? Suddenly, your client is unavailable, the phone is disconnected, and mail is returned. Or the supplier finds his business closed down by creditors.

While there are legal resources, it is unlikely that you will recover even a small percentage of what you are owed. A quick, discreet investigation or credit inquiry at the first sign of trouble, or better, before you contract to buy or sell, could save you thousands of euros or dollars.

A+ Detectives in Germany and its national and international network of investigators can provide you with vital information to help control business risks. Discreet investigations can be concluded without damaging good business relations, while allowing you to avoid bad ones.

An ounce of preventative investigation is worth more than a pound or two of “cure”.