Economic Investigations Germany

The wolf in sheep’s clothes can be extremely expensive for you! You can sense it perhaps – but how do you prove it?

The area of “white-collar crime” of all kinds has taken on such extensive forms, particularly in recent times, that a special department of A+ Detectives is assigned to deal exclusively with this complex danger area.

Private Detectives conduct discrete business and economic investigations in Germany.
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We can be of assistance to you in matters of:

  • insurance fraud – industrial espionage
  • fraud – embezzlement – theft
  • inventory losses
  • competitors’ manipulation – fair trading offences – registered design offences
  • rival activities of own staff – feigned illnesses – complete screening of applicants

and documents as a preventative measure.

… in short: for all offences under the industrial, patent, fair trading and labour laws.

We operate with absolute discretion, correctness and reliability. For example, by infiltrating our private investigators into companies, we are able to supply material evidence for use in court which is not otherwise available to anybody else. Our undercover work enables the disclosure of all background information in this connection.

As a result, six-figure sums have often been refunded to the affected companies. The private detectives team of this section consists exclusively of top-class professionals, who have gained their experience from occupations rooted in the business sector, such as: industrial management consultants, sales executives, former detectives in positions of authority, etc.