Fraud Investigations in Germany

A+ Investigations in Germany make up a discreet network of private detectives all over Germany that provide confidential services to companies (of any sizes), as well as to lawyers, attorneys and private individuals. Corporations have responsibilities to the shareholders to detect illegality when it occurs.

Counter Fraud Investigators in Germany can identify the threats to your organisation.
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Our private investigators in Germany will detect whether there has been company fraud or theft.

A+’s fraud investigations are conducted by investigators and private detectives with extensive experience. Fraud is an issue in every company, whether you are a large or a small corporate. In some cases fraud can destroy an organisation. Typical fraud investigations conducted by A+ Investigations are:

  • Investigation of white collar crimes
  • Employee Fraud in Germany
  • Theft Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud Investigations in Germany
  • Bad Debt Fraud Investigations

Fraud has many faces. You need to get to know them so you can protect yourself. Our investigators can help you all over Germany in clearing up fraud.