Finding hidden eavesdropping and camera devices

Our Technical Surveillance Counter-Measures team is comprised of a small unit of technical specialists with formal training and backgrounds in electronic engineering, civil engineering and mechanical engineering, drawn from military backgrounds.

They possess the necessary skills and knowledge to conduct comprehensive de-bugging operations correctly.

Allow us to sweep for listening and eavesdropping devices in Germany.

We invest very heavily in retaining the very latest TSCM equipment to stay ahead of the eavesdroppers, including the use of Thermal Imaging devices to find even the most well hidden bug.

This investment is necessary to locate passive eaves-droppers such as the famed non-linear junction device, that can be switched on remotely, and would not be detected using even the most expensive RF scanner.

There are an abundance of devices on the market, that can be purchased from specialists, and others that can be acquired cheaply from retail outlets. In either case, a €30.00 bug can cause as much damage to you or your business as a single device that costs as much as €5000.00, if used effectively.

Electronic and physical sweeps

We can provide you with a full survey, and show you the results of our thorough electronic and physical sweeps of your premises at very short notice, and most importantly, discreetly. Our TSCM specialists will also be able to provide practical advice about how to evade eavesdroppers, and defeat their devices.

TSCM sometimes inaccurately referred to as bug sweeping, is one of our multi-tier packages that we often provide our corporate clients in addition to some of our other corporate intelligence and security products and services.

TSCM isn’t simply about finding hidden listening devices; hidden cameras, as small as a pinhead, or digital recording devices and cellular phones can represent a threat to the integrity of your environment as well. JMMPI has invested heavily in TSCM detection equipment and training to keep ahead of the eavesdroppers.

Our TSCM department is comprised of a small team of specialists drawn from military and defence backgrounds, with qualifications and training in engineering. Not only can our investigator secure your environment, but we can advise you as to how you may mitigate against the threat of eavesdroppers using very practical techniques and advice.

A private investigator can conduct surveys at short notice and will work through the weekend if necessary to ensure that your survey is completed discreetly and with the minimum number of key staff (or none if preferred) aware that it has been done. For more information and a free initial consultation, call us in complete confidence on

+49 – 2369 – 20 30 490.

Please ensure that you contact us via a method that is least likely to be monitored.

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