Private detectives in Frankfurt / Main Germany

As a Private Detective Agency we have a recognized competence in investigations for civil and criminal cases in Frankfurt / Main Germany.

Private Investigator Frankfurt. A Plus Detective GmbHWith regard to this competence we work in Frankfurt also for economic, public companies, lawyers and individuals. We provide a broad and professional service with the help of highly specialized detectives.

If you need a private investigator in Frankfurt, then contact us to learn, what our detectives can do for you.

Discrete detective for Frankfurt / Germany

The work of our detective agency is not limited to Frankfurt only. In fact, the detective carries out the missions also in other places like Mainz, Wiesbaden, Mannheim or Aschaffenburg.

Our detectives work for you nationally and internationally.

How can economic investigators help in Frankfurt?

Most cases in a detective agency are concerned with orders from companies. A detective investigates professionally when he has to get court-valid evidence. We perform tasks like:

  • Observation of employees in the region and nationwide
  • Evidence for forbidden activities
  • Investigating theft
  • Information for business partners

Most cases are connected to the employment law. Often we have to observe sick employees. These are under suspicion that they are faking their sickness. If the employee is convicted, that is a reason for firing without notice.

How do private investigators help in Frankfurt?

If people require private information, often the only way is through a detective agency. The reasons for investigation can be different. Those who seek our services often have the following requests:

These and other tasks we have been doing for our clients since decades.

Searching for people in Frankfurt am Main

Very often our investigators must find the current address of a person. This could be an old friend, relative and family member. Our investigators search also the biological father or mother of a person. One such task is often requested, when a child was adopted early or has grown up only with one parent, because the parents were divorced. Also the other way around, we are looking for children that have been lost to the mother and father and they were not in contact with it.

We will also look for and find all business partners or friends from university or military service in Germany.

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