Relative Searches in Germany

When a friend or a family member comes up missing, most people turn to the police for help. Only to find in a lot of cases a wait time, or in some cases if you’re looking for an adult, it will never happen. Even the most un seasoned investigator, he or she should know how important timing is in finding that loved one, and should not be placed on a timetable.

We help you in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

It is the skill, the contacts combined with knowledge that will help JMMPI, find that person you are looking for. We cannot guarantee that we can find everyone we look for.

Relative Searches in Germany

It has been our experience over the 20 plus years we have been in business that in most cases, with just some limited information, THEY WILL BE FOUND. Our guarantee is that you will have our efforts and knowledge –used to their fullest extent.

At JMMPI, locates and relative searches are very important to us. It takes a bit of effort to find someone – especially someone who has been missing for some time. But with the right information and our talent as private investigators, we almost always generate results in Germany.

If you are tired of trying to get the police to help with your relative searches, or feel that they have not done everything that they could, give JMMPI in Germany a call:

+49 – 2369 – 20 30 490

We will get to work right away, put our nose to the ground, and track down every scrap of information about that person until he or she has been located (if possible).

Our private investigators will help you throughout Germany, Austria, Switzerland and The Netherlands, for example in towns like:

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