Private Investigator Hamburg – Germany

Do you need a Private Investigator in Hamburg, Germany? Then you’ve come to the right place.

No one from abroad knows Hamburg like our investigators do. JMMPI Private Investigations can help you get that proof you need.

We are a Private Investigations company with a wide range of services tailored to meet the needs of our clients.

Research, observation, tscm, surveillance and many more services - Private Investigator Hamburg.

Full service Private Detective Agency

This is a full-service private Investigations Company. Our investigator network brings seasoned professionals to the service of individuals as well as corporations.

By the way, in Germany the term private detective means the same as private investigator, especially since there is no rank of detective in the police force in this country. Every detective is a private investigator.

The very well-trained Hamburg staff of experienced private investigators ensures you a high quality investigative work in Hamburg. Our detective agency offers you a wide range of investigative solutions in Hamburg.

In Germany, the prerequisite for hiring a detective for an investigation is the existence of a legitimate interest, which the client must prove.

What does a Private Investigation Agency in Hamburg do?

We offer our customers a wide range of services. We work for companies in the same way as for private clients.

Focal points of the work that a private detective in Hamburg does on a daily basis are:

Investigations in case of theft
Evidence in cases of labor law
Evidence of cheating in marriage
Search for missing persons in Hamburg, Germany
Examination of fingerprints
Detection of listening devices and wiretaps in Hamburg, Germany
Search for heirs in Germany
Investigation of insurance fraud
Checking of persons

Your personal Private Investigator Hamburg will discreetly take care of these and many other tasks for you. That is why A+ Detective Agency is your first point of contact when you need investigations in Hamburg. Countless clients have trusted our private detectives and their investigations for decades.

Surveillance in Hamburg

Surveillance is a special tool which we use to obtain the information you need to know. Our private investigators in Hamburg use state of the art technology.

Please note that German law prohibits the installation of a GPS tracker on other people’s vehicles in order to create a movement profile. That is why an observation must be done by private investigators, as it has always been done, who follow the vehicle inconspicuously. In most cases, we perform this task in a team of private detectives, because a single private investigator would not have much chance to follow the person to be observed inconspicuously for a long time, especially in the big city jungle of Hamburg.

When all else fails … this is where the though cases in Hamburg end.

Contact us in Hamburg – Talk to a Private Detective

If you have questions about how a private investigator in Hamburg, Germany can assist you, take advantage of the free consultation now. The conversation with the private detective is confidential. We are a member of the World Association of Detectives and are subject to professional confidentiality.

The World Association of Detectives is arguably the largest professional association of private investigators. To become a member, it is necessary to comply with strict requirements and to have a decent professional reputation.

To hire a Hamburg Private Investigator call us in Germany at phone:

+49 – 40 – 3 03 71 33.

Your call will be forwarded to one of our Chief Investigators in the Dorsten headquarters of JMMPI. Investigation is our business since 1995.