People Search Canada

Also in Canada, North America our investigators search for the current address of people.

If you are looking for someone in Canada, let us make you a offer now.

What can I do myself to find someone in Canada?

Private investigators search people in Toronto and everywhere else in Canada.
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Basically everyone can try to find a person in Canada first of all by themselves. The easiest way to get information is without a doubt:

  1. A look at the phone book for phone numbers (whitepages – you can search them online)
  2. Internet search (Google, Pipl, Bing)
  3. Social networks (Facebook, Twitter)
  4. Reverse phone number lookup

A website like Canada 411 ( can sometimes also help. However, this only works if sufficient information is available. You need some search criteria to be successful.

Due to the language division it is helpful not only to know English. Knowledge of French is also sometimes required. Some Canadian websites are bilingual.

If you cannot get any results yourself, private investigators will help you. Think about using a people finder to find someone in Canada. Of course it costs a little money. But this is how you often achieve success.

Our investigators search internationally for people. Especially abroad it is important to have local contacts and sources. Through our network, we are usually able to find people in the north of the American continent.

Even if you only know a few details about the person you are looking for, there are still possibilities of searching. But let’s be honest. Unfortunately, not in every case a result is to be attained. Sometimes people no longer live at all. In other cases the data is simply not sufficient. It is simply not possible to look for a John in Vancouver or a Michael in Toronto if you don’t know more.

In which Canadian provinces are people searched?

Everywhere in the whole country a search for people is possible. The provinces with the largest population are usually the ones with the most searches. That would be a list:

People search in Canada

  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • British Columbia
  • Alberta
  • Manitoba
  • Saskatchewan
  • Newfoundland

But also in the other provinces and territories we carry out address investigations. Typical cities for the search are

  • Calgary
  • Montreal
  • Toronto
  • Vancouver
  • Ottawa

Who are we looking for in Canada? Finding missing persons.

In principle, almost anyone can be searched. Sometimes it is family members and relatives like the brother or sister of people who were separated after birth. Also the biological father can be Canadian and the illegitimate child looks for him now.

But debtors or business partners are also on the search list. Just like old friends, they can be found.

It happens again and again that an executor needs information about the address of a missing person. Then often only a detective agency can help to determine the current place of residence. If only a few data of the person to be searched are known, often only private detective means really help.

We have found a lot of people all over the world even Canadian people. If you want to find someone again, write to us. Note that we are a professional service provider. If we work for you, it is not free but it costs money. How the price is in your case depends on the circumstances and data you know about the person.

Are you interested in our services? Find out more about people search in Canada by sending us a message. By the way, we also offer background checks.