Find People in Poland

Can You Locate Someone in Poland?

With a population of around 38 million, Poland is a densely packed country in the heart of Europe.

Containing 16 provinces and spanning 312,696 square km, it is a difficult and considerably large area to search for a person, especially if you do not possess the necessary know-how or expertise for doing the same.

We find People in Poland

We work professionally with finding polish people. These people may be your

  • relatives,
  • old friends,
  • family members,
  • debtors,
  • ancestors
  • or others.

Through our local team, we can simplify the search based upon your description and identification. However, you can engage in searching on your own at first.

The Best Methods to Initiate Missing Person Search in Poland

Poland offers an online directory, locating specific people in the whole national territory. In some cases, the man or woman you are looking for may be easy to locate using this useful portal.

If the portal search fails to yield the desired outcome, you can find people using different social media platforms. Listed below are some sites you can use easily for the people search. These are websites such as

  • Facebook
  • Goldenline
  • Youtube
  • Instagram
  • LinkedIn
  • Polskie Ksiazki Telefoniczna (Polish Phone Book / White Pages)

Do not only search for the person you want to find, but at the same time it is best to search for family members as well. Because they could provide you with the decisive lead. You will have a problem if you do not speak the Polish language. In this case you often fail at the very beginning of your own attempts to track someone down.

However, if you fail to locate the person using social media, a missing person report to the police can assist in the matter. Although, with nearly 20,000 missing people reported in Poland every year, the police already have their hands full and may not be able to help.

Failing these methods, you need to hire professional investigators for the people search. We have the necessary resources and assets to quickly discover someone in Poland.

How do we locate a person in Poland?

After years of service, we have formed a tight network of investigators across Poland. These experts can access government records and other details, unavailable to the general public. In addition, we use databases to which you have no access.

As we hunt for the missing person, our investigators search both the larger cities in the country, as well as the small towns or villages. Here are some of the areas where we focus most of our resources during a Poland people search.

  • Wroclaw
  • Kraków
  • Gdańsk
  • Warsaw
  • Łódź
  • Poznań
  • Katowice

What information do we need for the people search?

As is the case with all investigative procedures, accurate and detailed information holds the key to success. When our experts ask you for data, try to be as descriptive as possible.

Helpful are:

  • full name (first name and last name),
  • age,
  • last known address or at least a city,
  • last known phone number,
  • Information about the family.

For example, if you are looking for Piotr Kowalski in Warsaw, you will not succeed. The reason is simple: there are simply too many people in the city of Warsaw called that. So you need more data to start the search.

The good news: In most cases we deliver very good results when searching for people in Poland. We are specialized in finding people. And we also cover the neighbouring countries of Poland with our service:

However, each nation has its own price structure, so we cannot provide a cross-national quote. Rather, this is only possible for each individual case and per nation.

Get a free quote for the Poland search

Contact us if you are looking for people and their address in Poland. We are professional people finder. Please note, however, that the investigation of an address and the service is associated with effort and thus with costs. Our service is therefore not free of charge, but always associated with fees. But you will get a free quote for the service.