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Looking for a man or woman in Nigeria, Africa? With a population of over 200 million people, locating someone is extremely difficult.

The terrain, climate and overall size of the country can make traditional search methods difficult. In addition, Nigeria is home to more than 500 languages, creating a barrier to communication.

With 36 states and 250 indigenous and ethnic groups, finding your long-lost friend or relative in the country is exceptionally difficult.

People search Nigeria

As a professional people finder service, we can assist you in this endeavour. It’ll cost money, though.

However, if you prefer to search for someone in Africa yourself, you should know that your options are limited.

For example, the country does not have an online portal through which you can find Nigerians within its borders.

How can you find someone in Nigeria?

Today, the easiest way to find a person is through their social media handles. Since the majority of the population is logged into their accounts, Nigerians prefer some of these platforms.

  • Facebook is the most commonly used social media site.
  • Twitter is the second most popular social media platform in use here
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Youtube
  • LinkedIn
  • Phone Book (

Internet connectivity is currently limited to about 47% of the country’s population. As a result, the majority of Nigerians are unable to browse or maintain a social media account. In large Nigerian cities such as Lagos, coverage is slightly better.

If the person you are looking for does not have a social media presence, the police will not help you. Due to the Boko Haram insurgency, the country’s authorities already have their hands full with 22,000 missing persons reports.

In addition, the ongoing political and military unrest may make it dangerous for you to search for your loved one. The best option in these circumstances is to hire us for a professional search and recovery service.

How do we research in Nigeria?

We maintain an internal network of people who have access to records and documents that are closed to the general public. Our investigators work with local resources to ensure a thorough search.

Each expert has years of experience handling such cases, giving them a better insight into the work.

We focus most of our efforts in the larger cities, but also pay attention to the native villages and towns.

Talking to locals is the fastest way to learn new and useful information. This helps us to serve you better.

Most of the research is done in the big cities.

  • Abuja
  • Lagos
  • Kano
  • Port Harcourt
  • Benin City
  • Ibadan

We activate the search in these cities simultaneously, minimizing the time it takes to find the person of interest.

We are very thorough in our work, searching for people in even the remotest parts of the country.

Verifying that people are real or fake

Again and again we have cases where people all over the world meet someone on the Internet who is supposed to be in Nigeria right now. (Others say they’re in Ghana, West Africa). Often at some point he asks for

  • money
  • Amazon Gift Cards
  • iTunes Cards

The question that arises, however: Is this human being real at all or are you dealing with a fraud? These people are also called Romance Scammers. Many of them are members of the Nigeria Connection. For more information about these fraudsters visit the website

We check for you whether your Internet contact is a real one or a scammer. The background check in Nigeria is completely discreet.

How can we help you find Nigerian people?

We are ready to do the hard work of finding your friend, relative or debtor.

However, you will need to provide detailed information that can make our job easier and allow our investigators to find many people.

Listed below are some details that can greatly help in narrowing down the job.

  • The person’s first and last name
  • Physical description
  • A photograph of the person, clearly showing his/her face
  • Phone number
  • Last known residential address
  • Employment address or office address and number

But even with all this information, finding people in Nigeria is a time-consuming affair. It can take weeks to locate the subject. Be sure to provide every detail when speaking with our investigators, as every bit of information helps them in their work.

We understand the socio-political situation in Nigeria and adapt our services accordingly. We also work with African experts who understand most of Nigeria’s major languages, eliminating the risk of a language barrier.

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Our representative will contact you with a quote. Please keep in mind that the cost of an order in Africa is higher than in the western world. Conditions in Africa are simply much more difficult than elsewhere.

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