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Learn more about people search Italy here. Our detectives will determine the new address – however, this service is subject to a fee.

Are you searching for people in Italy? Whether it is a

  • long-lost friend,
  • childhood sweetheart
  • or a relative,

finding the person in a large country, such as Italy, can be tricky.

The country spans more than 300,000 square km, housing a total population exceeding 60 million people. Therefore, searching for a person in Italy by yourself may become too complicated.

Our professional search services may fare better in this regard. We have the necessary resources and expertise to conduct such a search operation in Italy.

People Search Italy



We have investigators spread across the provinces of the country. During the research, we investigate every corner to locate the one you want.

Those determined to find the missing person by themselves can approach the situation in a few ways. While none of these guarantees desired outcome, you may be fortunate enough to discover a trace of someone.

Methods of searching by yourself

The following steps can help you determine the location of a person in Italy. However, it would be very helpful if you could speak Italian. Many detailed searches are only possible in Italian.

Look at social media sites

Since most people are hooked to social media, searching in these platforms makes sense. Apart from Facebook, other popular social networking websites in the country are

  • MySpace,
  • LinkedIn,
  • Netlog,
  • Vinix,
  • ItalyLink
  • and Fubles.

All you need for such an online search is the full name of the one you are searching. Make sure you try various combinations of the name for social media search, as some people may use aliases for their social media handles.

Search for people online in a database

In Italy, you can search for people online thanks to the directory White Pages (Pagine Bianche) – a database of phone numbers of residents across the country. While effective, these online portals rarely hold the current information of someone.

You may find the name listed in these sites. However, you may not find any way to contact them, due to the absence of an address or phone number.

How can we find people in Italy?

If searching by yourself fails, you can always approach us for assistance. Our experts maintain a local network in Italy, ensuring effective resolution of the matter.

Our search strategy remains the same irrespective of the subject you want us to look. Listed below are some of the cities we working in:

  • Milan (Milano)
  • Naples (Napoli)
  • Bologna
  • Rome (Roma)
  • Turin

Whether you are looking for someone in northern Italy or southern Italy, we are your reliable partner when it comes to finding someone’s address in every italian city.

What we need to know

In fact, we need some information to be able to find someone in Italy.

Absolutely necessary information:

  1. Full name (first name and surname)
  2. date of birth

Helpful information:

  1. Old address
  2. employer or place of work

Offer for people search in Italy

As a professional People Finder Italy we cannot offer our worldwide services for free. You therefore have to pay for our services if we are searching for someone in Italy.

You will find out what the exact price is after you have sent us all the information and data you have.

Contact us to know more about our locating services. Send us a message: Don’t forget to include your first and last name and your e-mail address. Please note: We correspond only in English, not in Italian.

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