How do I find debtors?

Has your debtor vanished? Debtors can often take the money and disappear to avoid paying back the sum.

If such a thing happens, you must look for your debtor to recover your losses. However, finding such an individual is tricky since they do not want to be found.

Unpaid debts are burdensome to creditors. Calling in a collection agency only makes sense if you know where your debtor resides today. To be successful in debt collection, the first step is to find the debtor’s new address.

How do I find debtors?

Private detectives search for debtors

We can help you with such a search, ensuring the debtor is found quickly and efficiently. In our private detective agency, we employ investigators, specially trained for search and locate operations. The search for debtors can take place worldwide.

However, before contacting professionals, most people prefer looking for the debtor themselves. Read on to know how you should undertake such search operations for the best results so that a debt collector can subsequently do his job.

How Should You Search for your Debtor

Look for the debtor on social media

Most people are hooked to social media sites these days. Therefore, it is fair to assume that your debtor is on one of these platforms as well.

Look at the most popular sites, including

  • Facebook,
  • Instagram,
  • Twitter,
  • WhatsApp,
  • etc.

Scouring these sites is the simplest way to look for the subject.

However, debtors are liable to disable their social media handles when on the run. Chances are that your missing debtor will erase all their social media activity before vanishing.

Report to the police

If you have a binding contract or some form of legal proof of their debt, you can easily seek the help of your local police if a crime is the background to your search. Infringing on a contract is a criminal offence, which is why the police are likely to assist you in this matter.

However, in most countries, the police are extremely short-handed. They may have other priorities at the moment, effectively stalling any progress on locating your missing debtor.

Can Major Credit Bureaus help?

Sometimes these credit reporting agencies can help. The reason is simple: the major credit reporting agencies, with their own collection agencies, receive change of address information from the U.S. Postal Service for each month. Working with a debt collection agency, they then try to collect the money owed.

But what can you do about debtors who have more or less gone underground? Finding them usually requires the help of private investigators. Once the debtor has been found, the debt collectors can begin their work.

We Help You Recover the Funds

If you fail to locate the debtor soon, he/she may forever disappear from your grasp. Since time is of the essence, contacting our professionals is your best chance of finding the missing person.

Our team comprises of private investigators and other local network agents. Each of our members is exceptionally skilled at finding people throughout the world.

Through our systematic approach, we always locate the subject. Whether it is an international search or searching in a specific country, we can ensure the swift location of your debtor.

Our success is partly due to the strict procedure we follow for all of our search operations. For instance, we always start in metropolitan cities, where most of the population resides.

If the debtor is not located in one of these areas, we spread out the search into the neighbouring towns and villages. Rest assured, when our investigators look for someone, they eventually find that person.

You are the Source of Information for us

How effectively we can search largely depends on the amount of information you give our investigators. The rule is to hold nothing back.

Starting with the debtor’s full name, phone number, last-known address, office address, make sure you wrack your brain for additional data regarding the missing person. This information is greatly useful to us.

Fill up the form with the details of your case. Our representatives will get back to you with a quotation for our services.

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