Identity check – how can I check someone’s identity?

Anyone who is on the Internet and is looking for true love via one of the many portals or via one of the countless dating apps must be very careful.

Numberless scammers cavort on the Internet and lurk there for victims. Learn in this article what you can do to protect yourself from a scam and make sure you don’t fall for a fake profile.

Identity check - how can I check someone's identity?

First steps to check a person

Here are some ways to check someone’s identity:

  1. Verify their identity documents: Ask for a copy of their government-issued ID, such as a passport or driver’s license, and verify that the information on the ID matches the information they have provided you.
  2. Conduct a background check: Use a background check service as our company offers it to verify their identity and check for any inconsistencies or other red flags.
  3. Reverse image search: Use a search engine to reverse image search the profile picture of the subject and see if the picture is being used on other websites or profiles.
  4. Verify their contact information: Check their phone number and email address to see if they are valid, and call or email them to confirm that they are the one they claim to be.
  5. Ask for references: Ask the person for references and contact them to verify the person’s identity.
  6. Social media verification: Check their social media profile and see if they have a long history and if they have real friends and connections.
  7. Video call: Ask the one to video call you, this way you can see the person and their surroundings, and verify that they are who they claim to be.

It’s important to remember that no one method can guarantee that someone’s identity is real, and scammers can often provide false information, documents, and even references. It’s best to use multiple methods to verify someone’s identity and to be cautious if something seems off or if they are unwilling to provide verification.

How can a private investigator help you with an identity verification?

A private investigator (PI) can help you with an identity verification by using various methods to confirm someone’s identity, including:

  1. Background checks: A PI can conduct a background check on the person, searching public records and databases to verify their identity, their history, and other red flags.
  2. Surveillance: A PI can conduct surveillance on the subject, trying to locate and identify them, and providing you with a report of their findings.
  3. OSINT investigations: PI’s have access to various databases and tools that can help in the identity verification, like checking for picture matches, email verification and phone numbers check.
  4. In-person verification: A PI can physically locate the subject and verify their identity in person by using various methods like checking ID and taking a picture of the subject.
  5. Interviews: A PI can interview people who may have information about the subject, such as friends, family, or co-workers.
  6. Social media and online investigations: A PI can search the person’s online presence, including social media and dating profiles, to verify their identity and see if there are any inconsistencies.

Identity verification process

In order to make an identity check, the private detective needs some data of the subject to be checked. Generally, the more data and information available, the better.

These data should be known:

  • First name and last name
  • Date of birth
  • Nationality
  • Social security number if the subject is American
  • Country in which the person has his centre of life
  • Documents or copies of identity cards are helpful
  • An address is also helpful

Investigators protect against fraud through an identity check

Private investigators prevent their clients from fraud by discreetly checking a subject in time to determine if it is a real person or a fake profile.

Our ways to verify identity are field-tested to reveal who someone is. We use numerous databases and facial recognition programs to identify someone.

Thus, it is possible for us to expose a fake account. Especially in online scams and romance scams, the scammers always work with fake profiles. With our verification process our customers are complete secure.

Send us your request to protect yourself

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