Fraudulent Insurance Claims in Germany

Personal injury, motor, travel and household

We appreciate that insurance and personal injury claims can take several years to settle, and are often complex cases that will require expert witness evidence, such as medical opinions and those of engineers, as well third party witnesses.

In any economic climate, always exist those unscrupulous individuals who would seek to make ‘easy money’ by submitting an exaggerated insurance claim for personal injury and or other loss, in order to obtain an unfair pecuniary advantage.

Our investigators help with cases of fraudulent insurance claims in Germany.

Many such claims are simply exaggerated, but by being so, if proven, can significantly reduce our client’s exposure. Some personal injury claims can run into hundreds of thousands of Euros, or even millions in some of the cases.

Our counter-fraud investigators can effectively and competently assess claims to ascertain whether there are any suspicious circumstances or unusual irregularities, common to such claims. We can engage a large number of resources to check witness evidence, covertly and legally obtain evidence to refute the claim, and assist in prosecution of those seeking to defraud our client.

Our team are adept at interviewing under caution, and utilising state-of-the-art technology to catch the fraudster, whilst preserving the integrity of the evidence. For more information and a free initial consultation with an experienced insurance investigator, call us in complete confidence on

+49 – 2369 – 20 30 490.